Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Agapanthus (5 Stems)
Cut Agapanthus 5 Stems per Bunch Assorted Colors A blue purple flower or white with multiple blooms creating a fireworks affect, Agapanthus will add wonderful height and color to create one of a kind wedding bouquets, table centerpieces, or arrangements. Shipped fresh and direct from farm at wholesale prices
Agapanthus (5 Stems)
Price $14.95
 ( $15.88 tax incl.)
Starting from: 5 pieces $13.95
 ( $14.82 tax incl.)
Starting from: 10 pieces $12.95
 ( $13.76 tax incl.)
Starting from: 25 pieces $11.95
 ( $12.70 tax incl.)
Starting from: 50 pieces $11.50
 ( $12.22 tax incl.)
Starting from: 75 pieces $10.75
 ( $11.42 tax incl.)
POSelID p246080:o103:Blue:o1...
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Seller: Bob
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