Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Fuji Mums (10 per Bunch)
Fuji Mums (10 per Bunch)
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 The most apparent aspect about the Fuji mums, or more accurately Fuji Chrysanthemums or (Chrysanthemum morifolium) is their very distinctive appearance.  Fuji mums are a specific varietal of the greater genus Chrysanthemum. Both a shrub and an herb, Fuji mums are prized widely for their great many uses and their easy to grow characteristics. Rather than producing spider-like petals like many of its mum cousins, the Fuji mum produces thick, sumptuous curving petals in shades ranging from white to golden to ivory to bronze, or even lovely, pale lavender.

Fuji mums are popular choices for many gardens or landscapes, but are also annual favorites for festival adornment - anywhere from the high school prom or homecoming game to the traditional corsage for special occasions.

The Fuji mum is native to South Africa, Asia and Europe, and is as much prized for its fragrant aroma as for its decadently full-petaled appearance. While traditionally a perennial or annual with a short lived and specific blooming season, with today's modern cultivation techniques, Fuji mums are grown, cultivated, and sold all year round.

Fuji mums that are grown for home or garden enjoyment often produce many flowers to a single stalk. Fuji mums that are grown for show, however, are often pruned during the flowering season so that one single blossom is allowed per stem. Funneling all of the nutrients towards a single blossom per stalk produces Fuji mums of startling height and blossom width, suitable for taking home the grand prize at mum shows. They prefer cooler growing conditions and partial to full shade, and enjoy shelter from the elements, including wind and air conditioning vents indoors.

To care for cut Fuji mums that are placed in a vase, simply add flower food and water. Re-cut the stems at the base under water and cut off approximately one inch to allow flower food to be fully absorbed and extend the vase life.

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