Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Asiatic Lily (10 Stem)
Asiatic Lilies are luxurious blooms that are perfect for someone who loves the look of Lilies but want less of a scent; Asiatic Lilies feature only a subtle smell. Available in a range of colors, these flowers have funnel shaped blooms that face upward from the stem in an average size of 5" to 7" and feature slightly pointed petals. Known for their sturdy stems and long vase life, these blooms are simply stunning.
Asiatic Lily (10 Stem)
Price $24.95
 ( $26.51 tax incl.)
Starting from: 5 pieces $22.95
 ( $24.38 tax incl.)
Starting from: 10 pieces $21.95
 ( $23.32 tax incl.)
Starting from: 25 pieces $9.95
 ( $10.57 tax incl.)
Starting from: 50 pieces $18.95
 ( $20.13 tax incl.)
Starting from: 75 pieces $17.95
 ( $19.07 tax incl.)
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