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Thursday, October 1, 2020
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We deliver to Eastern, Central , & Southern Massachusetts , Cape Cod , Southern New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

We deliver anywhere in the continental US additional delivery fees may apply.

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  Carnations ( 25 Stems)  
Base Price $19.95
Starting from: 5 pieces $18.95
Starting from: 10 pieces $17.95
Starting from: 25 pieces $16.95
Starting from: 50 pieces $15.95
Starting from: 75 pieces $14.95
  Carnations Miniature (10 Stems)  
Base Price $7.95
Starting from: 5 pieces $6.95
Starting from: 10 pieces $6.25
Starting from: 25 pieces $5.50
Starting from: 50 pieces $5.25
Starting from: 75 pieces $4.95
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